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InThinking Experienced Teachers [Category 2] 2012

Sessions [visible to delegates]

Friday - Assessment Day

Session 1 - Welcome, Introductions and the using of Google Apps to share

Who's who and where have we come from? An overview of using free Google Apps, such as Google Documents and Google Sites, as a way for us to share ideas, resources and best practice.

Session 2 - Assessing Patterns and Change

Starting with an overview of the IB DP Geography Assessment Objectives as a basis for student assessment and depth of study, this workshop session will look at preparing students to be assessed on the core course content of Paper 1 focusing upon the ‘short’ response questions.

Session 3 - Supporting Students with the Internal Assessment

Up to a quarter of a student's marks come from their Internal Assessment. This workshop session will look at supporting students with producing their IA through quality advice at the start of the project and feedback upon their one draft.

Session 4 - The One Hour Essays - Global Interactions

A workshop session based upon how best to prepare students for the Higher Level Global Interactions paper with it’s two extended response questions.

Saturday - Resources Day

Session 5 - Techie Tools to Make Your Life Easier

An overview of information and communication technologies (ICT) that will make your life easier as a IB DP Geography teacher and therefore benefit your students (building upon the Google apps skills acquired on Saturday).

Session 6 - Printed Resources - the Good, the Bad and the Useful

A chance to share printed resources and get hands on with some of the many texts written specifically for the IB DP Geography course. How can printed resources be best used in a DP classroom?

Session 7 - Backward Planning Leading to Unit Planning

An opportunity to benefit from the wealth of different backgrounds and experiences within the group. We will work collaboratively on planning some IB DP Geography units. There are many different ways to cover the content of the IB DP Geography syllabus, we will cover some of them!

Session 8 - Lesson Planning

More focused planning by making the most of all participants areas of experience. The aim will be to produce lesson plans for some sections of the syllabus that aren't so obviously resourced by traditional texts.


Session 9 - Online Video, Images and Visualisations

Finding, sharing, using, downloading, embedding and editing online video, images and visualisations useful for the IB DP Geography syllabus.

Session 10 - What worked well for you?

A chance to share what has worked well for you and therefore learn what has worked well for others. A review of the various support sources available for IB DP Geography teachers.