2014 Meeting

Friday 23th May hosted by the International School of Berne.

The venue, Bärtschihus, is close to IS Berne - a map with the location can be found here. We will be in the room on the top floor. Participants should make their way in through the main entrance and up the stairs.

The closest station is Gümligen. You can take the S1 (46 and 16 past each hour) or S2 (42 and 12 past each hour) from Bern station to Gümligen. The number 6 tram also takes you to Gümligen but takes longer if you are coming from the main station.

There is NO parking at the Bärtschihus, but there is a covered car park just around the corner (see map here). Please don't park in the open space in front of the Bärtschihus.

Coffee, tea and snacks will be provided, but participants will have to pay for their own lunches.

We are going to go to BonApp, which is a restaurant nearby - they have reserved us a table.

The lunch menus for Friday are: (all menus come with soup and salad)

  • Menu 1 (with meat) - Chicken cordon-bleu with new potatoes, peas in cream sauce
    • Large Menu 1 = 16.50CHF
    • Small Menu 1 = 14.50CHF
  • Menu 2 (vegetarian) - Vegetable patties with yoghurt, new potatoes, peas in cream sauce
    • Large Menu 2 = 15.50CHF
    • Small Menu 2 = 13:50CHF

There's also an a la carte menu with burgers, fish fingers, schnitzel, salads (15CHF-20CHF)

There will be the opportunity to go for a drink at the Mattenhof round the corner once the sessions have finished for the day.

Please bring with you:

  • A wifi enabled laptop or tablet - if possible.
  • Current research proposals for Extended Essays that you may be supervising
  • A copy of the IB Geography Guide [available from the OCC]


0900 - 0930 - Welcome coffee

0930 - 1030 - Session One - IBDP Geography Curriculum Review - new syllabus - Kathleen Noreisch [International School of Berne]

A summary of the curriculum review process so far and a look at some of the changes to expect in 2016. Participants will have a chance to provide feedback on the proposed changes, which will be taken to the curriculum review committee as they continue developing the new course.

1030 - 1100 - Break

1100 - 1145 - Session Two - Front-loading - Richard Allaway [International School of Geneva - Campus des Nations]

It's a bit like 'flipping the classroom' but importantly doesn't involve any videos on me!

1145 - 1230 - Session Three - Double value case studies - Sean Coffey [International School Basel]

Case studies that can be used for different parts of the syllabus. The aim is to share ideas to cut down on the load of case study info students need to learn.

1230 - 1330 - Lunch at BonApp

1330 - 1430 - Session Four - TOK knowledge frameworks and Geography Extended Essays - John Cannings [Core Consultants]

The framework can enable the student to clarify their research question and help plan their data collection and analysis.

1430 - 1530 - Session Five - Techy things I am enjoying at the minute - Richard Allaway [International School of Geneva - Campus des Nations]

A run down of the techy tools and approaches I am enjoying using in my DP classroom.